Mission Trips

January 17-19, 2015 ~ Hurricane Sandy Mission Trip, Brooklyn, NY 

The team left Wesley at 430 am and arrived in Brooklyn, NY at about 9am. We were greeted by Gillian Prince, the Site Coordinator for Brooklyn, NY, and Bruno, who was to be our host for our stay at the Methodist home.

Gillian orientated us and assigned us to 2 homes, one of the homes was owned by a nice woman named Eleanor and the other home, 10 minutes away, a few blocks up was owned by her brother a Vietnam Vet who at that time was in the hospital and we did not meet him

When we arrived at Eleanor’s house we met Eric who was to talk to us and review our skills and split up into 2 groups. Eric was very helpful in getting tools that we needed and making us comfortable on the job. Pat C., John E., John C., and Nathan were to stay at Eleanor’s home and the rest would head over to the other home, both located in Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn, NY. which was hit hard by Hurricane Sandy.

The 2 homes we worked in were already started and had the first coat of plaster and at Eleanor’s Home had much more work which required framing, floor work and other work that needed to be corrected. In the 3 days of work we were able to accomplish and complete our tasks.

Everyone pitched in!!!

We had 2 devotions a day. One before work and the other at night. On Sunday we headed to St. Paul’s Methodist Church in Brooklyn.  It was a very icy morning and we were carefully walking up the sidewalk to church, on the way just before we got to the church we witnessed an elderly woman fall backwards onto the sidewalk and bang her head against the cement.  John C. was the first to see her fall and asked if she was okay and offered to walk her where ever she was going, the whole sidewalk was a sheet of ice,we were even having a hard time. John E. and I ended up walking her 4 blocks up the street. We came back and attended service which was full of beautiful music and a knock down sermon. After church we headed to the work site for a while, then returned home and got ready to watch the football game. Bruno was able to get the TV working and we watched the Pats crush Baltimore Colts.  

It was an awesome trip and we all experienced those moments where you knew Gods work was being done and able to help people and have them witness ministry at work. We had 4 men on their the first mission trip, and all of them said they wanted to go on another one.  How awesome is that?! I had a team member call me today and thank me for calling and asking him to join us.  He said he has never had such a great experience as that weekend and thought everyone was awesome.  

I thank Wesley Church for allowing me to be used as a Disciple of Christ and represent a great church and the best congregation ever.

Gerard Piscitelli
Disaster Coordinator for the New England Conference 











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